Sunday, August 16, 2015

Falling hard. Sakit jugak lah perasaan nye

30minutes before 12pm. Still 16 August 2015


Impressive. Satu hari ada dua entri. Hehehe. Pencapaian yang baik.

Ahad. Esok kerja tapi I tak boleh tidur. Rasanya sebab minum kopi ah huat tadi banyak sangat. Kenapa lah ah huat jual kopi. Kenapa tak jual maruku ke, aiskrim potong ke. *sigh*

Mungkin ah huat just one of the reason. Maybe jugak the only reason. Ataupun sebenarnya ah huat tak salah apa apa pun. I don't know. I don't even know where went wrong. Tapi I know when all this began. 

When I finally decide to hand that person a gun,let him point to my heart hoping that he didn't pull the trigger. Am I regret?

I tak boleh decide which feeling is better. I finally met someone yang fit my personality. But somewhat I didn't feel right. Macam u pegi crowded place tapi u felt so lonely. Rather than before u where all alone tapi u felt complete. 

At times I wish he did pull the trigger. So that I can leave now. Because I know if I stayed any longer, I wouldn't be able to find myself back. I will fall hard. Bleeding. Fractured. 

I am afraid I might not be able to recover.  

I am speechless. Hopeless. 

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