Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sebelum pegi mana2 kedai fast food sila baca ni!

saye kan bukan saje2 nak cakap saye pemarah ke sombong ke hape. saye bagitaw awal2 so that people are not expecting too much on me. because i'm not that good, not that kind, not that pleasure. i'm a bit rough and sometimes i do not mind others. hell yes this is me. if u do not believe this then try me. i told u already, i'm not that kind. yes, i can laugh i can smile but i also can turn myself upside down.

please guys, do not tell me what i can do and what cannot. because i'm not that patient to face all this. urghhh. just because u know i couldn't do anything that may hurt u that doesn't mean that u may hurt me as u wish. customer isn't always right okay. sometimes u must know when to shut ur mouth up and when to appreciate others.

i just hope that u will smile back to me when i'm smiling at u. arghhh. just that easy. i hate those who make my day turn bad. customers isn't always right okay! why couldn't u see we had try our best to serve u in a minute?? damn u people.i really hope we won't meet again. really do!


Ct SoLeHa said...

luahan xpuas hati nmpknyer..hehe

Cik Puan Muda Aisyah said...

hehehehehe :)

crazy zazae said...

sabar ekk... lau keje tpt yg lyn custumer mmg mcm 2..
kte pn ada xperience mcm 2 gak.. rse mcm nk sepak je tym 2.. sabar ek...

Cik Puan Muda Aisyah said...

hahahaha. itu la pasal. depa ni kadang2 tak taw bila patut diam. bila patut tegur :)


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